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4 Helpful Apps for Your Next Road Trip

Posted on: October 30th, 2018


Are you currently planning a road trip? You probably have the budget and transportation arrangements down already, right? But you may be forgetting one thing: travel applications. Applications are often considered unnecessary by travelers, but with the right travel apps your road trip will be a breeze. Our experienced luxury bus service in Long Island has therefore taken the initiative to compile a list of applications that will come in exceptionally handy during your impending road trip.

You may also want to consider employing the services of our New York charter bus service for all your transportation needs during your road trip. Road trips are a time for bonding and reconnecting with loved ones but a lot of that time is lost in driving and navigating. Let our professional and experienced chauffeurs alleviate that burden from you; take the time to enjoy the company of your friends/family and to enjoy the luxuries of our deluxe vehicles with the comfort of knowing that a trained professional is behind the wheel.

In any case, the following are four of the most helpful road trips apps and websites.



Of course, fuel is a factor when it comes to road trips and when it’s time to refuel, you will appreciate the fact that you have GasBuddy at the palm of your hand. GasBuddy doubles up as a website and assists you in finding gas by price and location. If cruising a little further down the road to an alternative gas station will save you a couple of bucks, this app will let you know. The best thing about GasBuddy is the fact that it is not only available in Android and IOS, but also on Windows and Blackberry as well.



Gogobot is more of a social application that will help you find places to eat, stay, or have fun. Gogobot uses information shared by users such as ratings and reviews while simultaneously categorizing venues based on different interests including local, family, food, budget, outdoor, adventure, etc. Gogobot will therefore enable you to identify and explore a place ahead of time. Additionally, photographs uploaded by users give you a visual feel of what exactly to expect once you are at your destination.



Roadtrippers allows you to input your current location, final destination, date of travel, and your interest. The app then maps out a route for you to follow indicating all possible points of interest you will find along the way. Roadtrippers offers you possible attractions such as museums, restaurants, camp sites, amusement parks, and much more depending on the information submitted.



The Waze app, like Gogobot, is community-driven; the app offers you information including accidents, police speed traps, potholes, and traffic. While applications like Google Maps will give you information concerning major road issues, Gogobot offers you real-time information because it sources information directly from other road users.


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